drifters in space &audiotrack

so, soon became quite late, but here we go: a small conclusion and some moving impressions of the final installation:

You can easily download the full drifters – audiopleasure of 13 minutes here:

also, in retrospective some pics of the projectprogress.
a lot of friends helping the space come true. Thanx a million!

DSC_0154 DSC_0163

DSC_0171 DSC_0169


DSC_0224 DSC_0214 DSC_0244


Some first impressions of a drifters space

Six people`s very personal traveldiaries  came back to me. Beautyfully filled with thoughts, answers, drawings ( and even more questions) about nomadic lifestyles. Taken from that first hand input of the six difters I created an audiovisual installation in space: a driftersspace.  Three nomads have a talk about their experiences, perceptions of their surroundings and challenges of a way of life that triggers uncomfortable questions. And after all, the big questions: what they expect from life, people and society.

The installation was shown to the masters exhibition of scenographystudents at TU Berlin in July 2013.

Dear drifters: Thanks to all your commitment  to the project, everything you shared and gave. I enjoyed a lot getting to know to you in that way.  Some of you I met on the way, some of you I hopefully will meet in the future. One of your fellow nomads sponsored some wood for the installation and even recorded one of the audioparts. I couldn`t imagine a better way. That was a great things Pierce, thanks!
One of you asked me to sent the filled notebook to a familymember that should get to know about his lifestyle better.

One of you send me some beautyful jewellry from his own nomadic silversmithstudio.
Thanks so much!

Soon I`m gonna upload some videos and the audiofile here, for a better impression of the space.

„Once you realize that absolutely
anything is possible that you can
create whichever kind of life that
you wish, that obsticles are more
fears, doubts and disbelief in your
own mind…“





The NOMADIC NOTEBOOK is looking for new companions!


we´re the creators of the spaces around  us and give them meaning . . . do you think so too?
Who´s willing to try out something new ?

Hi Nomads,
currently I plan a project about nomadic lifestyles. As a scenographer and social person I´m interested in  spaceshaping practices, the aquisition through communication, personal ideals/philosophies, practicalities  and how all this influences the process of spaceshaping, socially as well as physically.
You can read more about it above in “The project & I “
My method of investigation is of a  playfull type that is highly process-oriented.

For this I´d like YOU to participate!

How it works?

easygoing + fun
1. You´ll get the superlight & tiny DIY„NOMADIC NOTEBOOK“ that you´ll carry for some time.
A postbox of your choice will be fed with it!
2. You´ll receive mail with little questions, tasks/experiments in regular timeintervals
3. I will generate drawings, possibly a little book and installation from your output in July
4. Also I´d like to accompany 1 or 2 people somewhere in europe, to interview, draw and film a little
I´ll reward you with a little something and your personal experience. Of course your privacy is highly respected. You only give what you want to give!

I´m really looking foreward to get to know you.
Your comments, questions and input are very appreciated!
Just mail/ call/ come to visit me!
Friedel Fink